$5.99 $15.95

Introducing the epitome of signal transfer quality and noise reduction: the unmatched 1 ft RCA interconnect adapter cable. This exceptional cable features a 1 Female-Tip Connector on one end and 2 Male Tip Connectors on the other, providing seamless connectivity and versatility. Meticulously engineered, this cable guarantees unparalleled clarity and fidelity in audio transmission. Experience unparalleled performance with minimal noise interference and maximum signal integrity.

  • Oxygen-Free Copper Wiring: Experience improved performance with our oxygen-free copper wiring, designed to enhance audio quality.
  • Four Times Signal Shielding: Enjoy optimal signal transfer and minimize interference with 4 times signal shielding for clear and uninterrupted sound.
  • Outer Nylon Braiding: The outer nylon braiding provides increased wire flexibility, allowing for easy installation and flexibility.
  • Black Nickel-Plated Copper Conductors: Benefit from a firm and reliable fit with black nickel-plated copper conductors, ensuring secure connections for consistent performance.
ALY-FMM | 1 ft RCA Adapter Cable - 1 Female to 2 Male
$5.99 $15.95