Deep, crisp mid bass. Loud, clean high frequency notes. Noncorrosive aluminum frame and water resistant features. The Audio Legion Marine Pro Driver Series was built from the ground up with the boater in mind. Whether mounted in the console or up on the tower, these speakers are the perfect all-in-one unit for someone looking to take their marine audio setup to the next level. If you want to hear your music loud and clear while you’re running full speed or if you want to make heads turn when you pull up to the sand bar, these Pro Drivers are the answer. Disclaimer: Audio Legion is not responsible when these speakers drown out the inferior speaker setup of other vessels.

The Neo magnet of the MR6N and MR8N allow these models to pack quite a punch while cutting down on as much weight as possible. For this reason, the Neo Pro Drivers also fit exceptionally well in motorcycle applications. No amount of road or wind noise will drown out the Pro Driver Series from Audio Legion.