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    Audio Legion's AL-EQ7 is a 1/2 DIN 7-band graphic equalizer designed to fully control your car audio system to its utmost potential. Featuring a main RCA input and an auxiliary RCA input, as well as three RCA outputs (front, rear, and subwoofer), this equalizer allows you to completely customize your audio experience.
    • Graphic Center Frequencies: 50Hz, 125Hz, 320Hz, 750Hz, 2.2KHz, 6KHz, 16KHz
    • Boost/Cut: 12dB
    • S/N Ratio: 100dB
    • Frequency Response: 10Hz - 50Hz (+/- 1dB)
    • Maximum Output Voltage: 7V
    • T.H.D: 0.005%
    • Input Sensitivity: 50mV - 3V
    • Head Room: 20dB
    • Input Impedance: 20KOhms
    • Output Impedance: 2KOhms
    • Stereo Separation: 82dB/7KHz
    • Operating Voltage: 11V - 15V negative ground
    • Dimensions: 7.20"(w) x 1.02"(h) x 4.21"(d)
    AL-EQ7 | 7-Band Equalizer
    $24.99 $69.99