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Audio Legion’s ALT49 is a 4” by 6” high compression titanium bullet tweeter designed for extremely loud performance. This unique design allows the ALT49 to function much like a compression driver and reach a sensitivity of 108dB. The ALT49 works best in a pro audio build where epic sound level is the goal. This tweeter will perfectly reproduce the high frequencies and will not be drowned out.
The ALT49 features a 1.75” high-temperature voice coil and responds well from 2.5 KHz to 20 KHz. This 8 ohm tweeter can be easily incorporated into existing pro audio builds for dramatically improved high-frequency performance. The included capacitor protects the tweeter from harmful low frequency signals, making this a very durable tweeter. Sold individually.



    • Sold Individually
    • Impedance: 8 Ohm
    • Peak Power: 800 Watts
    • RMS Power: 400 Watts
    • Sensitivity: 108dB
    • Frequency Response: 2.5 KHz - 20 KHz
    • 1.75" High-Temperature Voice Coil
    • High Flux Ferrite Magnet System
    • In-Line Capacitor Included

Mounting Dimensions:

    • Outside Dimensions: 6.30" x 4.72"
    • Cut-Out Diameter: 4.02"
    • Mounting Depth: 3.15"
    • Total Depth: 3.35"
ALT49 | 4" x 6" 800 Watt High Compression Titanium Bullet Super Tweeter (Single)
$22.99 $69.99