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Introducing Audio Legion's ME5, a pair of impressive 5-inch 8-ohm midrange loudspeakers. The ME series was specifically designed by Audio Legion to offer an affordable solution without compromising on pro audio sound quality, reliability, or excellence.

Built on a solid foundation, the ME6 boasts a robust construction that includes a 5" stamped steel basket, a durable pressed paper cone, and a high flux ferrite magnet system. These components work together harmoniously to deliver exceptional audio performance.

Equipped with a 1.5" 2-layer high-temperature voice coil, these midrange speakers are engineered to handle intense power. With a conservative rating of 200 watts peak power and 100 watts RMS power per pair, they pack a powerful punch within their compact 5" platform.

Experience a significant enhancement in your vehicle's mid bass sound without breaking the bank, as the ME Series by Audio Legion offers remarkable performance at an affordable price point. Sold as a pair, these loudspeakers provide an excellent value proposition for audio enthusiasts looking to upgrade their sound system.


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    • 5" Midrange Speakers - Sold as a Pair
    • Single 8 Ohm Configuration
    • Peak Power: 200 Watts (pair)
    • RMS Power: 100 Watts (pair)
    • Sensitivity: 88dB
    • Frequency Response: 160Hz - 20KHz
    • 1.5" High Temperature Voice Coil 
    • High Flux Ferrite Magnet System
    • Durable Pressed Paper Cone

Mounting Dimensions:

    • Outside Diameter: 5.43"
    • Cut-Out Diameter: 5.04"
    • Depth: 2.32"
ME5 | 5" 200 Watt Max Midrange Speakers - Pair
$16.99 $59.95