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Introducing the Audio Legion AL-DB0 distribution block, your ultimate solution for expanding power wire connections. This advanced distribution block is designed to effortlessly convert a single lead of 1/0 gauge wire into four separate leads of 4 gauge wire. Now, you can power multiple components simultaneously, utilizing just one main power wire connected to your battery. Experience convenience, efficiency, and superior performance with the Audio Legion AL-DB0 distribution block, the perfect companion for enhancing your audio setup.
  • Premium Nickel-Plated Design: The distribution block features a durable and corrosion-resistant nickel-plated construction, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Efficient Power Distribution: Convert a single 1/0 gauge input wire into four separate 4 gauge outlets, enabling seamless power distribution to multiple components.
  • Enhanced Safety and Protection: Equipped with a protective plastic cover, the distribution block safeguards against potential damage and provides added insulation.
  • Optimal Conductivity: The distribution block boasts a highly conductive finish, facilitating efficient power flow and minimizing energy loss.
Audio Legion AL-DB0 | 1/0 Gauge to x4 4 Gauge Distribution Block
$5.49 $19.99