$8.49 $24.95

Unleash the full potential of your audio system with our top-of-the-line 17 ft, 2-channel RCA interconnect cable. Designed to provide unrivaled signal transfer and minimize noise interference, this cable sets a new standard for audio quality. Elevate your listening experience to the highest level and enjoy pristine sound reproduction with our premium RCA interconnect cable.

  • Oxygen-Free Copper Wiring: Experience improved performance with our oxygen-free copper wiring, designed to enhance audio quality.
  • Four Times Signal Shielding: Enjoy optimal signal transfer and minimize interference with 4 times signal shielding for clear and uninterrupted sound.
  • Outer Nylon Braiding: The outer nylon braiding provides increased wire flexibility, allowing for easy installation and flexibility.
  • Black Nickel-Plated Copper Conductors: Benefit from a firm and reliable fit with black nickel-plated copper conductors, ensuring secure connections for consistent performance.
ALR17 | 17 ft 2-Channel RCA Cable
$8.49 $24.95