$49.99 $139.95

Don't forget about wire when it comes to your audio upgrade, regardless of the size or complexity of your build. Using the best available wire will allow your system to operate at the highest level possible. Audio Legion's 100% Oxygen-Free Copper spooled wire is the best available. All of our spooled wire is also tinned so it is Marine Grade. In any application, this wire will not corrode and will give you peace of mind. The highly flexible PVC insulation makes running this wire a breeze.

  • 100 ft Spool of 12 Gauge Speaker Wire
  • 100% OFC Wire
  • Marine Grade Tinned Wire - Will Not Corrode
  • 294 Strands
  • One Round Insulation, One Square Insulation for Simple Wire Identification
  • Highly Flexible PVC Jacket allows for Easy Installation
AL12-100 | 12GA OFC Marine Grade Tinned Speaker Wire (Black)
$49.99 $139.95