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Experience unparalleled power and performance with our 1/0 gauge 100% CCA amplifier wiring kit, specifically designed to complement high-power amplifiers. The standout feature of this kit is the 17 ft 2-channel braided OFC RCA interconnect, which incorporates 4 times signal shielding for exceptional signal quality and minimal noise interference.

The AL0-CCA-KIT is built using only the highest grade Copper-Clad Aluminum wiring to ensure optimal performance. Upgrade your audio system and unleash the true potential of your amplifier with our premium wiring kit.

    • Complete 1/0 Gauge Amplifier Wiring Kit
    • Premium 100% Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire Construction
    • 17 ft High Performance CCA Power Wire (4 Gauge, Red)
    • 3 ft High Performance CCA Ground Wire (4 Gauge, Black)
    • 17 ft High Performance CCA Speaker Wire (12 Gauge, Black)
    • 17 ft Remote Wire (Red)
    • Flexible Braided OFC RCA Interconnect Cable (17 ft)
    • Includes High Current ANL Fuse Holder
    • 100 Amp ANL Fuse Provided
    • Comprehensive Installation Accessories Included
AL0-CCA-KIT | 1/0 Gauge 100% CCA Amplifier Wiring Kit
$32.99 $99.99